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Mar 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
f.d.a. oversight because, by law, they're allowed to make custom drugs just one patient at a time. but connolly says, over a few years, n.e.c.c. went national. he told us that quantities of drugs increased by a factor of 1,000. >> we became a manufacturer overnight. so we were basically trying to have the best of both worlds trying to manufacture without the oversight of a manufacturer. and there was-- we all got... >> pelley: a month before the first steroid death, connolly says he warned his supervisor. >> something's going to happen. something's going to get missed and we're going to get shut down. >> pelley: what did you mean by that? >> that we were going to hurt a patient. we were just thinking "hurt a patient." we weren't compounding anymore we were manufacturing. >> pelley: when you went to your supervisor and told him that, he said what? >> that's verbatim. he shrugged. that was his response for a lot of our questions or comments or concerns was a shrug. >> pelley: meaning? >> "just do it." either he didn't care or he was powerless to change it. >> pelley: as joe connolly
Mar 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
of this law that federal managers can't choose where to cut. the reductions must be across the board thereby eliminating both the wasteful and the vital. a few programs are exempt, however, and we asked nancy cordes to tell us where the cuts are coming. >> reporter: food stamp fund will not be cut. neither will children's health subsidies or medicaid. democrats protected those programs for the poor and a few others when they were negotiating the sequester with republicans two years ago. and both sides agreed that military pay and benefits along with funding for veterans should be shielded from the budget ax as well. but the rest of the federal government will be cut by $85 billion this year and more than $100 billion each of the nine years after that with the cuts split between defense and domestic spending. that translates into an 8% cut in pentagon funding. most domestic agencies will have to cut at least 5% from their ledgers. medicare itself won't get cut but doctors who see medicare patients will see their reimbursements trimmed by 2%. and there are many programs for the needy that will
Mar 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
300 points for the week. a gain of about 2.2%. osama bin laden's son-in-law stood in an american court today and pleaded not guilty to conspiring to kill americans. sulaiman abu ghaith appeared in new york federal court just blocks away from where the twin towers fell. after all of these years, how did the c.i.a. finally catch him? for that we turn to senior correspondent john miller, former assistant director of the f.b.i. john? >> reporter: scott, sulaiman abu ghaith was one of a number of key aides and family members of osama bin laden who spent most of the last decade living in iran largely under house arrest. weeks ago, abu ghaith managed to get out of iran and cross the border into turkey. the c.i.a.'s bin laden group was able to track abu ghaith's movements to a luxury hotel in downtown apg a. he hoped to get help from al qaeda's network to move from out country, but the c.i.a. was working with the m.i.t., turkey's national intelligence service, and they arrested abu ghaith a month ago. while in turkish custody, he was interrogated by a u.s.-led multiagency group known as the hi
Mar 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
madoro said late today that he is going to be taking over venezuela according to the law there, and the military chiefs in venezuela went on tv to pledge their loyalty to him. the new u.s. secretary of state sat down with our margaret brennan today during a stop in the arabian gulf. john kerry said the u.s. will send food and medicine to the rebels in syria who are trying to overthrow the assad dictatorship. but brennan pressed kerry on whether america will send weapons. >> the president is now ratcheted up the kind of aid that he is giving and who he's giving it to. now directly to the syrian opposition and to the syrian military. >> but they say they have one tenth the amount of ammunition that they need. they need missiles. they need to be able to battle a professional military. why not help them to speed up the process? >> there are a lot of countries doing a lot of different things right now. and i will go back and report to the president and the president obviously always has additional options on the table. but right now he and i think we feel that this step hopefully wi
Mar 6, 2013 5:30pm PST
you. in arkansas today, lawmakers have given that state the most restrictive abortion law in the country. abortions will be banned after the 12th week of pregnancy with few exceptions. governor mike beebee insists the law is unconstitutional, but the legislature overroad his veto today. six days after pope benedict stepped down, the cardinals appear in no hurry to replace him. they let another day pass without setting a date for the election and now, as mark phillips tells us, they've taken a vow of silence. >> reporter: the cardinals' meetings and their discussions of the church's many troubles are so sensitive they've been told not to talk about them the outside world. >> let's go! bye-bye. >> reporter: though not even donning civilian disguise and trying to escape by bicycle as french cardinal philippe barbarin did could avoid the questions. pressure of another kind is rising as well. >> we're here today to list the dirty dozen. >> reporter: barbara doris of the group representing victims of priestly child abuse presented a list of cardinals the group finds unacceptable
Mar 4, 2013 5:30pm PST
broken, his energy was so infectious, his brother-in-law decided to put him on video. >> he wakes up and you ask him how was your day today and he'll go awesome. really celebrating everything that happens. we're alive, yes. no matter what. >> at first the kid president video were just for the family, but once posted online, robby's motivation became an inspiration and even caught the attention of the real president. >> looks like you got my message. >> mr. president i got your message. >> what do you think when you see yourself? >> wow, amazing! >> what is amazing about it? >> making the world a better place. >> proof that even a boy as fragile as this to inspire people to be strong >> everybody chill out. >> and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. from all of us all around the world, good night. what's the biggest problem where you live? is your community heading in the >>> i am allen martin. >> i 578 elizabeth cook. what is the biggest problem in your community. >> ? ravens story you will only see on 5, we surveyed people. according t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6